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Metal Carport Kits

Metal Carport Kits roofer asheville nc regular carport Kings Haywood Construction

Regular Style Metal Carports

Regular Style

Regular Style Carports are often used for inexpensive car shelters, single and double metal carports, boat storage shelters, RV carports, and for value-priced combo carports or carports with storage buildings.

Metal Carport Kits roofer asheville nc boxed eave carport Kings Haywood Construction

Boxed Eave Style Metal Carport

Boxed Eave Style

Boxed-eave metal carports are built with an A-frame roof. Many homeowners choose this option to have a carport that will match the roof style of their home.

Metal Carport Kits roofer asheville nc vertical carport Kings Haywood Construction

Vertical Roof Style Metal Carport

Vertical Roof Style

The vertical roof style metal carport is the strongest roof style available. The roofing panels are laid in a vertical orientation starting from the peak and ending at the eaves/sides.

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